Rolled Spa Towels




Brazillion Wax • 15 Minutes  $50

Remove the hairs as you clean your garden.


Wax Brow • 15 Minutes  $15

Frame the face by shaping and cleaning the brows.


Wax Chin • 10 Minutes  $15

When hair grows in places we hate we can remove it and give you your confidence back.


Wax Leg (1/2) • 30 Minutes  $25

Silky smooth and hairless legs.

Wax lip • 10 Minutes  $10

If a mustache or shadow isn't want you want we could remove it.


Wax Under Arm • 15 Minutes  $20

Smooth hairless underarms help to reduce orders.


Full Body Wax • 45 Minutes  $65

Under arm, Bikini and Half Leg.


Wax Full Arm • 30 Minutes  $25

Silky smooth and hairless arms.